IDOBOOKI provides self-management of patients appointments by the Doctor at free without to create own website appointment system. The innovative added value is "One Stop Center" of medical appointments. It contributes to the patient's accessibility in term of booking medical appointments and the global visibility of Doctor Services.

The registration is for an identified Doctor (name, address and calendar) or unidentified Doctor with the registration of a department of the hospital, clinic, laboratory, etc.


Click "Doctor Registration" you will have "Doctor Authentication" with two options: "login" and "Create New Account". Click on the buton of Create New Account. It brings a form with all items compulsory: First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, Password and Confirm Password. In case of the hospital, clinic, laboratory, etc.; the first name is either hospital, clinic, laboratory, etc. and the las name is the name of the hospital, clinic, laboratory, etc. Each registration of a department requires a specific username. Be careful with "Username and Password, there are necessary to the future login and self-management of the appointments. The username should be easy to remember. When click on "Register" it directs to step 2.


Click on ACTIVATION and it will bring PURCHASING SUBSCRIPTION with 0$ payment. Just fill the form that includes the scroll down country selection, State/Province, City, Adress (Street adress), Zip Code or P.O Box, Company Name or Hospital/Clinic Name, VAT or Tax ID. The Methods of Payment is not "ACTIVATED" as it is free of charge. Click on "Confirm Order" and you will receive the message "Thank You! Your subscription has been extended to Lifetime". If it brings you to login, please send an amail to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." for manual activation. Then to go Step 3.


When clicking on edit profile, it brings a form with all items compulsory. Please make sure the nominative reflects what the public will see (title, first name, last name, etc. Please tick notify bookings. Please select the GROUP (Speciality). Tick show phone if you want. The system aims reducing phone management as it takes time. You are advised to not tick show phone. You can add the logo of your hospital, clinic, etc; but it is not compulsory. Click save and close to go on step 4.


There are four items: day, from, too, closed. The day has scroll down that includes Monday to Sunday and Custom. If you select a DAY a time, the AGENDA will be either available for booking if "closed" is NO or unavailable for booking if "closed" is ticked YES. It is same if you select CUSTOM with specific date and time. After each selection click save, close and new. You can delete or edit saved day and time. When finished a six months AGENDA will be public for appointment's bookings.


Don't edit it. The standard service is "Online Booking of Medical Appointment.


From your name (nominative) scroll down, select locations and click new. It brings a form with name, country, state, city, address, zip, latitude and longitude. Name, Country and Address are compulsory. The latitude and longitude are from MAPS.GOOGLE.COM where you will add your address and RIGHT CLICK your mouse on the ICON that shows WHAT'S HERE?. and two numbers separated by a comma. The first number is LATITUDE and the second is LONGITUDE. The latitude and longitude help find your location using google map. You can register multiple addresses if you have multiples working places. You will assign each working time to each working location.


From your name (nominative) scroll down and click assignments, you will see the registered working time at your left and a scroll down with locations at your right. Just select a location for each working time, save and close.


Please edit ONLY TIMEZONE and LIST LIMIT. Scroll down the timezone, usually, you will find your city or the one that has your timezone. Preferably select 50 as list limit. Save and Close.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please inform your clients/patients that they can book the appointments from ""