Covid-19 (Coronavirus): International Authority for Epidemics of the United Nations Security Council (UN-AIE)


The Covid-19 pandemic shows us that epidemics constitute a major threat to global security (the world is really a village). Scientific and medical advice from international organizations such as the World Health Organization is accepted or not according to national politics. Mandatory joint action against a common risk is essential. It is the Security Council of the United Nations that has the mandate to compel states to take action towards global security.


Political and health leaders have assessments based on political ideologies, economic interests, and even culture. The last epidemics of SARS, Ebola, and now Covid-19 show us how the world can be seriously threatened at a very high level and even see entire populations seriously affected directly (disease) and indirectly (economy). When Covid-19 started in late 2019, no one knew that we are facing a pandemic that will paralyze the world (confinement of populations at home with important consequences like a rapid increase in unemployment and poverty). The world needs authority in addition to scientific and medical advice from organizations like the World Health Organization. These organizations will continue their role as advisers for evidence-based decision making.


The United Nations Security Council creates an Agency of the International Authority for Epidemics (UN-IEA) with the mission of deciding what joint actions States must take to protect the world from the threat of an epidemic that is beginning. The UN-IEA will establish offices where it deems necessary (national or subnational level) to collect information with a view to making decisions for action to control an epidemic that is beginning. Action to control the epidemic to be implemented by a subnational, national, or international entity (Provinces, Regions, Federated States, Countries, Transport Companies, Airports, International Air Transport Agency, etc.).


As it is difficult to know whether an epidemic will remain local or will reach the whole world as Covid-19 has done, countries will have to lose their autonomy in the control of the epidemics.

The Security Council should meet urgently by teleconference to take joint actions to control Covid-19. Countries and States actions are not coordinated enough to be effective at the international level.

Dr. Claude Sekabaraga, MD, MPH