Covid-19 (Coronavirus): Test, Travel & Stay Safe


It is crucial to find effective means of Covid-19 prevention to allow national and international travel imperative for global economic activities. Without international economic exchanges, national economies will be weak for most countries. There is a need to find preventive measures to control the Covid-19 pandemic and allowing safe travels. Some suggestions:

Mandatory testing before any travel between cities and countries

The testing with high sensitivity and specificity with early detection is urgent. Persons providing the transport services (airports, taxis, hotels, and other accommodation, etc.) should have access to the tests as much as needed.

Mandatory Quarantine if Positive Test

People who are tested positive should remain under quarantine under supervision until the negativity ends.

Mandatory Wear of Mask

The compulsory wear of masks by those providing the transport services (airports, stations, taxis, hotels and other accommodations, etc.). They should use the professional mask with a high level of protection.

Compulsory Social Distension (the distance of at least one meter)

The distance of at least one meter should be strictly mandatory. For public transport by flight, bus, metro, etc., it is essential to have one passenger per chair.

Mandatory hand washing or disinfection

Hand washing or disinfection should be mandatory. The sink with water, soap, and disposable paper for drying hands should be at every entrance of airports, stations, hotels, and tourism sites.

Compulsory Disinfection of Common Areas (Airports, flights, hotels and tourism sites)

The disinfection with appropriate equipment and products should be mandatory for airports, stations, flights, hotels, and tourism sites).

Dr. Claude Sekabaraga, MD, MPH